The time we ate ma doggie (aka Charhons)

We have never been more excited to bring a childhood favorite to ZimTuckshop. The three ZimTuckshop women all went to boarding school in Zimbabwe. Two of us were roomies from primary school until High School (A-level) and became  best friends by force. Every kid brought some amount of “tuck” also known as snacks. Like most kids we ate all our tuck within the first couple of weeks of a 16 week-very-long  semester. Zimbabwean terms are super long. The winter is the worst. Frostbites my friend. The absolute worst! It drags. On the first day of classes people would come to our room to checkout my countdown calendar but in the winter tjo! During the winter term days were stagnant. No matter how many days we crossed off our home-go tracker  May remained a 60 day month. It was during these long winter months that ma doggie became our faithful friend. Sweet and yet filling. If you made a peanut butter sandwich you instantly became the most popular kid in town. We may or may not have sold these to fellow classmates with poor food budget skills in exchange of bread. What happens in boarding school stays in boarding school 🙂

500g of Loose Biscuits
500g of Loose Biscuits

Charhons Loose Biscuits 500g

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