NDARIRA Copper Twist Bangles plus Zinc (Large size)


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Remedial Bangles.

Symbol of wealth and power, the Ndarira Bangle contains the essence of African myth and legend. Wear it and explore the mysteries of this ancient talisman.

Lost in the mists of time, the original Ndarira Bangle is said to have been made from elephant hairs woven to form a protective charm worn on the wrist. Today, this precious and powerful token is crafted in copper and zinc.

The bi-metal properties of these complimentary metals form a thermo-couple that produces a gentle flow of electric current that stimulates acupuncture meridians throughout the body.. The Bangle has been renowned for its healing properties, particularly for providing relief from the pain and discomfort of arthritic conditions, rheumatism ,back ache and joint stiffness. According to African tradition, it is also believed that the Bangle promotes a connection to the spirit world, deepening communication on a cellular level with the ancestors.

The Ndarira Bangles are unisex.


Gently open the gap in the bangle sufficiently to fit over your wrist and then squeeze to a comfortable fit without allowing the ends to touch. Clean periodically with a soft brush, soap and water. Any discolouration occurring on the skin is easily removed with soap and water.

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